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Havana Guide

Sitting on the north coast of the island of Cuba and built around a natural harbor, Hava could be considered one of the most lively and colorful cities of the Caribbean islands.

Havanas charm is found meandering the narrow and somewhat derelict streets that are full of "crumbling" buildings and wonderful people. Through the open doors and windows see a world of yesterday, catch glimpses of colorful washing, rocking chairs, old photographs, complete with music.

The street scene is one filled with bicycles, yellow egg shaped coco-taxis, and two0humped camello buses. Old town, Habana Veija, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and rapidly growing into a major tourist destination. The Spanish colonial architecture is beautiful, and many of the buildings and grand plazas have been restored to their former glory.

Central Havana (Centro Habana) is where you will find the countries museums and architectural highlights. These include the Revolution Museum, and National Capitol, resembling the US Capitol Building in Washington DC. For a more trendy view of Cabin, visit the suburb of Vedado, home to high-rise buildings, modern hotels, theatres, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, and cabaret shows.

For a real taste of Cuba and Havana, most attractions are located in Habana Vieja and Centro Habana. The five-mile malacon, or main street, stretches from Vedado to Habana Vieja, and lined with architectural gems in various states of dilapidation or restoration.

Havana has a fabulous nightlife. At dark, Havana comes alive with nightclubs and bars serving the countries famous rum cocktails.