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A Walking Tour of Arizona

Ok so you likely will never walk across Arizona. We get that and there is no need for you to, unless of course, you have a deep, burning desire to do so - because it has been done for you and the filmed so that you can virtually tour this great state, without taking one foot step.

The Walk Across Arizona is a film project of an 800 mile solo hike from the Utah to the Mexico Border via the Arizona trail.

Here is the personal description of the project by an incredible adventurer:

"I began this project in 2011 with the intention of exhibiting Arizonas vast beauty and diversity by thru hiking from Utah to the Mexico border. I wanted this to be a visual reference for anyone interested in the newly completed Arizona Trail. The trip consisted of a wide array of challenges -- everything from 105 heat to a daylong hail storm. Finding water was by far the most difficult part of the trail. On average, I consumed anywhere from 1-2 gallons of water a day. Though I will always loathe the taste and smell, cow ponds were my saving grace. I gained a large appreciation for the abundance of clean water I once took for granted. Shooting the film also brought its own set of difficulties. I carried 5lbs of video equipment including 2 cameras (Panasonic GH2 and GoPro), a small tripod, solar panel, and extra batteries. It was not easy worrying about shooting a film when there was a laundry list of other things I had to be concerned with. As with anything, finding a balance between the hike and the film was imperative. This project has literally taken blood, sweat, and tears to complete and I am proud that it is finally finished. I hope you enjoy the film!

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